Winning percentage

Many punters have the goal of hitting a winning percentage of more than 52.38 percent since this constitute a break even point. This might sound low, but if the average bet has odds of 1.91 and you place one thousand bets of the same size during a year and get a 56 percent win percentage, you will have a profit of 6.96 percent. If your win percentage was just 54 percent you would still make a 3.14 percent profit for the year.

percentageSince we are dealing with percentages here, the size of your bankroll will naturally be important for how much money actually make. A 7 percentage profit on $50,000 is $3,500. A 7 percentage profit on $10,000 is $700.

A common pitfall among novice or impatient punters is to think that they need huge odds and a high winning percentage to make any decent profit from sports betting. If you are looking for a situation where you consistently make a profit long-term, you need to think differently.

You might be surprised to know that a lot of professional sports bettors are delighted when they hit a win percentage of 58 percentage. They know that it is enough to make a very healthy profit, especially from a big bankroll.


  • You bet $100 on one hundred games. You win half and lose half, and there are now draws. This means that you win percentage is 50. In this scenario, you would make a net loss of $500.
  • You bet $100 on one hundred games. You win on 55 games and lose on 45 games (no draws). You now have a win percentage of 55. Even though you win percentage only increased by five percentage points compared to the situation above, it has taken you into plus territory. You have a net profit of $550, because you got $5,500 from the games you won and lost $4,950 on the games you lost.

As you can see, going from a win percentage of 50 to a win percentage of 55 brought you from a $500 loss to a $550 profit, a change of $1,050.

To just break even, a win percentage of 57.38 would have been enough. A consistent win percentage of 55 puts you among the worlds most successful sports bettors.