Why you lose

loseIf you take a look at punters that actually reap nice returns from their sports betting over time, they usually have one thing in common – good money management. Even if you are good at predicting the outcome of sports events, you can easily set yourself up for failure by not spending time and energy on proper money management. This advice isn’t just for punters – the same is true for poker players, blackjack grinders, stock investors, commodity market speculators, and more.

There isn’t one panacea money management system that is perfect for every punter. You need to invest some time in figuring out what’s suitable for you, your situation, your preferences and your goals. On this site, you can find information that can be helpful, but it is only general rules of thumb and guidelines that needs to be tailored to your particular needs.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to be suspicious of anyone that tries to convince you that they have found a perfect money-management system for punters that guarantees huge gains over time with little or no risk. Be doubly suspicious if they try to sell you this system.

You should avoid all types of luck based games where the house always have an edge. This includes all casino games online.  It can be very tempting to register at a casino when you see the bonuses they offer on sites like nyasvenskacasinon.se and other websites that promote online casinos. At first glance it can seem almost impossible not to make money by accepting the large bonuses. This is what they want you to think and getting lured in by big bonuses is a common beginner mistake. All bonuses have been designed to make the casino money. The wager requirements have been developed in such a way that the casino will make a small profit even if you stop playing as soon as you met the requirement. The bonus itself is developed to give the casino an edge.  Believing that you can beat the casino bonus is a common reason for loosing money.  It might work if you are lucky but it is not a viable long term strategy.

Another common mistakes among punters is that they gamble based on intuition, hunches and wishes rather than invest by putting their money to work where the odds offer them a good potential return in regards to the risk associated.  It takes dedication to become a good punter, just lie it does if you want to become good poker player. If you want to become successful and earn a lot of money from your sports betting you need to take your betting serious and act as if was a profession, not as a hobby.  You have to decide if you gamble to add spice to your everyday life or if you are going to bet to win.

If you just want excitement I recommend that you stop reading right here.  If you want to become a successful punter i recommend that you read our second lesson.