Choosing a sports book

One of the first question you will face when you want to start gamble more professionally is to decide what odds site to register with. It can feel like a very important choice since finding a reliable sports book with high odds will improve your chances of winning. The truth is however that you should never choose just a single sports book. You should be registered at a number of different reliable sport books. Avoid sport books with a bad reputation.

sports bookThe more sports books you are a member of the better chance you have to maximize your income from each bet. A small difference in the odds you get can make a large difference for your long term success. If you have accounts and money with several sports books you can make sure to always place your bets where you get the best odds.

By registering at a number of different sport books you can also get a large initial addition to your bankroll. By cross betting your bonus money at different sport books you can guarantee that you get full value out of the odds bonuses you receive. It should be noted that sports books frown on cross betting and you should avoid cross betting between different sports books that are a part of the same network.

You can maximize the value you gain from being a member of a large number of different sports books by using an odds comparison website to quickly find the best odds for every event you want to bet on. We recommend that you start by registering at 3 or4 different sport books and then add new sports books whenever you find one that would add value to your betting strategy. Which sports books that will add the most value to you depends on which sports you choose to bet on.

Being a member at a number of different sites is also a requirement if you want to be able to earn money from betting arbitrage. An advanced betting strategy that you can read more about in lesson 12.