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Welcome to the professional betting edge manual. Here you can learn everything you need to know to stop gambling and start winning.

Welcome to Professional Betting Edge Manual (PBEM)

I built this website to try to help other punters become more successful using the same techniques that have allowed me to become a successful punter that earns a nice income from betting. I am never going to try to sell you anything. I am not going to share any “secret” techniques nor do I claim to have any “guaranteed” system. The lessons you will learn on this website are designed to give you the tools you need to become a successful punter but you will still need to work hard to become successful. All successful punters are disciplined and work hard to know more than the odds setters do.

The website is designed as a lesson plan. The order of the lessons are designed to make sure that you always have the right knowledge and frame of mind to benefit from the next lesson. We therefor recommend that you read the lessons in the indented order. If you don’t you risk missing an important piece of information. The lessons are designed for everyone. If you are are an experienced player you can therefore find a few of the initial lessons very rudimentary. If you already are successful you can chose to skip directly to the advanced lessons. I do however still recommend that you read all the lessons since there might still be some useful tips that you can pick up in there.

The reason that many punters loose money is that they do not have the right attitude towards their betting. Successful punters see every bet they make as an investment in sport. They research every bet they make and they only invest their money when they think the odds are in their favor. When they find an event that offer a good expected value. They view their betting as a profession, as a science.

Unsuccessful punters tend to gamble and take unnecessary risks.

You can think about it as the difference between the casino player and the poker player. The poker player plays a skill based game. He only put money into the pot when he know that the long term odds are on his side. Casino players gamble and let luck decide their future. These similarities are why many poker players also are somewhat successful punters.

Another thing that separate successful punters (and poker players) from less successful ones is proper money management. Successful gamblers know how to manage their bankroll and vary their bets in a way that reduce the influence of lady luck and thereby reduce their risk. I will teach you everything you need to know about bankroll management and stackbetting to be able to become a successful punter. It is important that you remember that there always is more to learn and what I teach you will set you on the right route. You should always strive to learn more.

Professional betting is very different from gambling for fun. It requires more work, more dedication and is less fun than regular betting. When you play professional you do not place bets to add excitement to a game, you do not bet on your favorite teams and you do not bet for fun. It is all about the odds, the expected vale and your chance to win. You remove much of the excitement that makes gambling fun and turn it into something less emotional. Professional gambling might therefor not be a good option for you if you enjoy gambling for fun and excitement.

Sometimes it can be more rewarding to keep you gambling as a hobby rather than a stream of income.

If you decide to start betting on sport more professionally you might want to consider start playing casino games online when you want a little extra excitement. By moving your recreational gambling to casino gambling you increase your chance of success as a punter since you decreased the risk that you start placing bets just for the excitement. Their are many good casinos available online that you can choose to register in. Almost all of them will give you a generous bonus when you become a member. Examples of good online casinos include Mr Green, Unibet and Leo Vegas. Unibet might be a particular good choice since they also offer a good sports book. One option is that you read reviews to find an online casino that suits you and that gives the best bonus for the games you want to play.

Most players lose money because they gamble rather than adapt a more serious attitude towards sports betting